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Adelsheim Vineyard

35 Years of History

First Harvest

1971 On a beautiful June day in 1971, David Adelsheim and Ginny Adelsheim stood above an open field and were taken with the beauty of its orange and purple wildflowers. Five hundred feet below, Oregon's north Willamette Valley stretched out in a patchwork of orchards, pasture and native trees. The field, rich with clay-loam soil, had a gentle southern exposure and was sheltered by the Chehalem Mountains. The Adelsheims had dreamed of planting a vineyard in the area since returning from a summer in Europe, where they were inspired by the artisanal foods and wines they encountered.


1972 In 1972, the Adelsheims began planting their original 15-acre vineyard at Quarter Mile Lane with Pinot noir, Chardonnnay, Pinot gris, and Riesling, relying on family and friends for assistance. Although the Chehalem Mountains were, at this time, an unproven viticultural area, the Adelsheims were undaunted in pursuit of their dream to produce exceptional wines in Oregon's north Willamette Valley.

David Listens to Barrel

1978 Working in a cramped basement winery with a simple crusher and press, and 20 Burgundy barrels, David Adelsheim made Adelsheim Vineyard's first 1,300 cases of wine for commercial release in 1978; tiny quantities of Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Riesling from the estate vineyard were produced, along with Semillon and Merlot. As the Quarter Mile Lane vineyard matured to full yield and grapes were purchased from other growers, annual production doubled every two years.

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1982 As Adelsheim Vineyard continued to grow, the need for a new production facility became critical. ANew Winery 6,000 square-foot winery, adjacent to the Adelsheim's home, was built in 1982. Barrels, tanks, a bottling line and still more barrels were added until this winery was also filled to capacity.

Bryan Creek Vineyard

1989 The first vineyard expansion was in 1989, with the lease of a 19-acre site across the road from the original estate vineyard at Quarter Mile Lane. Today, Bryan Creek Vineyard remains an important source of Pinot noir, Pinot gris and Pinot blanc. A 52-acre site was also purchased at a lower elevation in the Chehalem Valley. Planted with Pinot gris and Burgundian clones of Pinot noir and Chardonnnay, the Calkins Lane Vineyard is also home to the current Adelsheim Vineyard winery.

Ribbon Springs Vineyard

1994 Co-owners Jack and Lynn Loacker joined Adelsheim Vineyard in 1994, and began planting Ribbon Springs Vineyard in 1995. This exceptional 120-acre site on the Ribbon Ridge spur of the Chehalem Mountains has provided Pinot noir and Pinot gris grapes since 1998.

New Winery

1997 In 1997, a state-of-the-art, 35,000 square-foot, gravity-flow winery was completed at Calkins Lane Vineyard. Combining function with understated elegance, this 40,000 case capacity facility provides the quality controls demanded by a "hands-off" winemaking approach. A two-level, gravity-flow fermentation room allows for gentle grape movement and four underground barrel caves utilize pre-cast concrete arches and temperature-controlled floors to provide optimal temperature and humidity for slow, cool aging of their Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Syrah.

Dave Paige

2001 Bringing with him twelve years experience in working with Pinot noir, Dave Paige joined Adelsheim Vineyard as winemaker in September of 2001. Dave provides fresh vision regarding winemaking techniques and equipment and applies great passion for balance in crafting their fruit-driven, richly-textured wines.

Wine Bottles

TODAY Today, the Adelsheim Vineyard estate has grown to include nine exceptional vineyard sites on the Chehalem Mountains, totaling 168 acres. Our production reached a winery-filling level of 42,000 cases in harvest of 2006.  Our vineyard operations are under the leadership of a new Vineyard Manager, Chad Vargas, who has the experience, education, and skill set to put us in the forefront of Oregon vineyards.  Our vineyard approach continues to focus on sustainability, and all that we do is with fruit quality in mind. The talented team at Adelsheim Vineyard is passionately committed to crafting wines of the highest quality, consistently, from each variety produced.   

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